The performance of a phone is determined by the processor or chipset of the phone. Everything from browsing the internet to watching movies, playing games and running multiple apps at once depends on the processor. The better the processor, the more hassle-free and lag-free the smartphone experience. And if it comes with a high refresh rate and a huge display, it adds a new dimension to the smartphone experience. With this in mind, Realmy has brought to the market Realmy Narzo 50 with powerful processors, extraordinary displays and amazing technology to provide an enhanced smartphone experience. The Narjo 50, which was launched in the country on Sunday, has the best quality processor and display. This is the only phone in this market that has Helio G96 processor and 120 Hz Full HD Plus display. In this price range it is one of the best gaming phones in the market. The smartphone has the most powerful processor in this segment Helio G98. The Helio G96 delivers 42% better performance than the previous generation. It delivers great performance at 2.05 GHz clock speed with 6 cores in two cortex and 55 cores in six cortex. So far, the Helio G96 is the only processor in this segment that supports 120 Hz refresh rate display.

If the processor is strong and the clock speed is high, the smartphone gives strong performance even in case of more usage. With such a great processor, Realmy Narzo 50 delivers high-speed performance and uninterrupted smartphone experience. Technology lovers will be able to use the phone more comfortably for better performance and faster gaming. To make gaming easier for gamers, Realm has come up with a new game mode, where users can choose different performance modes and notification styles according to their needs to get the best gaming experience. In addition, Realmy Narzo 50 offers the smoothest display for young players and gamers around the world. It has a huge 6.8-inch screen with a 120 Hz refresh rate, which is the highest refresh rate display in this segment. This ultra-smooth display eliminates the ambiguity of animation, scrolling and games for a great experience. Norjo 50 supports six levels of refresh rate adjustment for battery saving. Due to this, the hassle of customers to carry the charger all day long is eliminated. With this nice display, you can watch videos or movies, scroll through web or social media and do other things with more ease. This refresh rate in this price range has made the phone the best phone in the market.